Your responsibilities for your data

The data download is a valuable tool that we make available for you via MyBiz. This allows you and your authorised employees to access your entire bank of Irish Life customers via MyBiz and includes all the personal details of those customers. 

Compliance and Agency

Anti-money laundering

Information and documents relating to anti-money laundering.

PEP RCA supplementary form

Politically exposed person (PEP) or relative or close associate (RCA) of a PEP supplementary form.

Background to AML and terrorist financing legislation


Download the Irish Life Brokerage agency application form


Learn more about FATCA, which aims to identify US citizens (including those not resident in the US) and U.S. tax residents that are potentially avoiding paying tax by holding offshore investments.

More about FATCA

Q&A July 2014

What is FATCA, what is the impact of FATCA and more FAQs answered.

Phase 2 December 2014

Details and information about phase 2 of FATCA from December 2014

ePOS changes

Information about the changes made to our ePOS system to support FATCA and CRS legislation.

Compliance features

Clarification on unregulated self-employed entities

In its February 2016 edition of the Intermediary Times, the Central Bank of Ireland has provided clarification in
relation to regulated entities engaging self-employed agents in the conduct of insurance mediation, including
customer facing roles.

Contact with consumers and referrals

Referrals are regulated for all financial service providers under the Consumer Protection Code which was revised and issued effective 1 January 2012.

Notifying the Central Bank of changes after authorisation

Authorised firms must notify the Central Bank of Ireland of certain changes to their authorisation status.

Residency and Irish Life products

Irish Life is not licensed to sell, market or solicit its products outside the Republic of Ireland.

If one of your customers who is resident in the Republic of Ireland, but is temporarily out of the country, wishes to transact life insurance business, the declaration of habitual residence must be completed and signed.

Irish Life products and the question of residency

Criteria for accepting life assurance, savings, investment and pension plans in terms of residency.

Declaration of habitual residence

Customers that are habitually resident in but temporarily absent from the ROI must complete this form.

Distance marketing

The Distance Marketing Directive took effect on the 15th February 2005 and applies when a contract for financial services (including life assurance products) is arranged on an organised distance sales basis.

Distance marketing directive

What is a distant sale, and what are the regulatory requirements for this type of sale?

Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

CRS is the single global standard on the automatic exchange of information, which is aimed at 
addressing offshore tax evasion.

Background to CRS

What is CRS and when and to whom does it apply?

The impact of CRS on processes

CRS has lead to some changes in processes and requirements.