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Simple and intuitive product selection and navigation

Save and resume

With MyQuotes you can save a quote at any point to resume in the future.


Professional, configurable reports which you can co-brand with your logo

MyQuotes Key Features

Key features

  • simple and easy to use and navigate
  • solves key pain points such as commission profiles, company pension funding limits and complex protection quotes
  • convenient – mobile and tablet enabled, with a Quick Quote option for a price or fund projection on the go
  • professional, configurable reports which you can co-brand with your logo
  • efficient – save quotes on your personal dashboard. You can now also save your MyRetirement Pathfinder reviews.
  • streamline your business - prepopulate to online submission so no rekeying of data and errors reduced for a positive client experience
  • save client details to your own personal dashboard and resume at a later date



MyQuotes protection key features

  • integrated price match (excludes Zurich), with the option to include in a branded report and re-populate into submission
  • quote indicative percentage and per-mille loadings with price match, with link to Ask Underwriting to check likely terms
  • intelligent commission profile selection with sacrifice options
  • the option to download prepopulated protection data capture and signature forms
Statement of suitability

Introducing our protection statement of suitability writer

A simple statement of suitability template writer is included in the report wizard for protection products. There are text boxes to enable you to document

  • client needs
  • your recommendation
  • any additional relevant information

You can generate and integrate a one page statement of suitability letter into your client report.

MyQuotes wealth key features

Quick and easy commission capture:
  • no more profiles, just three simple questions
  • playback options available
  • allocation rates are dynamic to payment amounts and combined ARF investment
Professional high quality reports you can brand:
  • report wizard now includes options to automatically add factsheets for chosen funds
  • download and attach tailored KIDs for PRIIPs
  • contributions, projections and benefits, displayed in graphic and tabular form for maximum impact
  • blended charging when multiple funds selected to help you clarify total client expense and maximise the addition of trail
  • portfolio-level blended risk ratings when multiple funds are selected help you create tailored investment solutions

Integrated company pension Revenue maximum check

  • handles all variations of current and legacy arrangements - personal, DC, DB, AVC, PRSA
  • compares strict and uplifted scales and selects the most beneficial from a contribution perspective
  • if a case fails the check then the user is prevented from generating a report or proceeding to submit an application
  • if a case passes check then details are recorded on the report and confirmed within funding limits
  • data pre-populates to the online submission retained benefits section - efficient and reduces errors
  • option to download RevMax one page report and add it to the company pension client report

The MyQuotes launch webinar hosted by Head of Strategy, Nick Baird, including a live demo of the system.

MyQuotes Flyer

MyQuotes flyer

Download the MyQuotes flyer, explaining all you need to know about how MyQuotes works.


Troubleshooter guides

A series of guides to help with multiple facets of the business


Support videos

Here is a group of videos to explain multiple facets of the business

PRSA support videos

Here are some videos to help with sorting PRSAs

System admin support videos

Here are a group of videos to help you use the admin system

Protection support videos

Here are several videos to assist with protection policies

Wealth products support videos

A large group of videos to showcase our wealth products

MyQuotes support map

Find additional support information on our support map, including where to find support material, how to give feedback and how to get in touch with the helpdesk.


What's new in MyQuotes?

Gift Tax – Section 73

  • Savings quotes now support Gift Tax planning conversations with your clients.

  • Create a Section 73 quote illustrating the benefit of a Gift Tax savings plan

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