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The Irish Life fund centre for up to date fund prices and factsheets. 

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Why corporate investments make sense

Against the backdrop of negative deposit rates, rising inflation and the prospect that interest rates will remain low for the foreseeable future, the real returns companies can get from holding cash can be negative.

In such situations companies could consider investing those surplus funds in a way that would generate a better return than that achievable on bank deposits.



Our fund managers

Irish Life offers a diverse set of funds from a range of providers.

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Headquartered in Paris, Amundi is Europe’s largest asset manager by assets under management (AUM) and ranks in the top 10 globally, managing €1.592 trillion euros of assets across six main investment hubs3.
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Setanta Asset Management

Setanta Asset Management is an independent investment management firm based in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 1998, Setanta has successfully applied a long-term value investing approach to its global equity and multi-asset funds.
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For over 75 years ILIM has worked with clients to deliver investment solutions, with assets exceeding €94.9 billion (as of 30.06.2021) across a broad range of asset classes and investment solutions.

Fund groups

These groups of funds are provided on different products


Retirement Portfolios (REPs)

Retirement Portfolio funds (REPs) is Irish Life’s new fund range, developed to meet the needs of investors in retirement.

Irish Life Multi Asset Portfolios (MAPS)

Irish Life MAPS® are a range of unit linked funds, which are available across our pension, investment and savings plans. There are five MAPS funds. Each fund is managed to a specific risk level meaning there should be a fund to suit your risk appetite and this fund will continue to suit your selected risk appetite over time.

These range from lower risk, Multi Asset Portfolio 2 (MAP2) to the higher risk Multi Asset Portfolio 6 (MAP6). As the name suggests, each fund is multi-asset - investing in shares, bonds, cash and alternatives. Each fund uses risk management strategies to help manage risk.