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2024 gender pension gap

Irish Life research reveals women need to work eight years longer than men to achieve the same pension pot at retirement.

Latest Irish Life weekly markets update

ILIM's markets in a minute: discover the key talking points this week.

Latest ILIM Performance Pulse

June 2024 in review is covered in the latest issue of ILIM's monthly Performance Pulse.
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Complete Solutions PRSA Plus is loaded with benefits for your business

Giving you more choice, greater pricing flexibility and access to high-quality funds with solid track records from ILIM, Setanta, Amundi and Fidelity.

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RetireEase: pension claims paid faster

RetireEase is a streamlined, digital solution designed to simplify the process of managing retirement claims.

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IL Commission Ad

New to protection

Pardon us for using unseemly language, but our new protection commission is something you’re going to want to hear about.

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