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Breaking news on the impact of IORPS II on pension schemes

The challenges your clients face and how Irish Life can help

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Discover MyPortfolioBuilder, the latest addition to our suite of broker tools.

Leverage the power of our new portfolio creation tool to build personalised, end-to-end client solutions online.

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Discover our new quotes application, MyQuotes: now with PRSA products.

  • Simple and easy to use and navigate
  • Solves key pain points such as commission profiles, company pension funding limits and complex protection quotes
  • Convenient – mobile and tablet enabled, with a quick quote option for a price or fund projection on the go

MyRetirement Pathfinder

Learn more about MyRetirement Pathfinder


Remote ways of working

The marketplace offers multiple software solutions that enable you to video conference with colleagues and clients. Many of these solutions do similar things though, depending on your circumstances, some may suit better than others.

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Engaging your clients remotely

Dermot Gaskin, Director - Brokerage, chats to Donal Cronin, Director of Carr Communications, about how we can move to working in a more digital world and the challenges that need to be overcome.

Video conferencing packages

Dermot Gaskin, Director Brokerage chats to Donal Cronin Director of Carr Communications about how we can move to working in a more digital world and the challenges that need to be overcome.

Easy to do business

We have a range of flyers to help make it easier to do business.

Campaign content

We have created lots of content to help you engage your clients and drive your business forward. Here you will find a selection of email templates and flyers that you can download and use. We have included some non branded content as well as we understand the importance of this for your business.