Amundi Protect 90 fund

A diversified multi-asset fund, with 90% capital protection.
Managed by Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager.¹

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What is Amundi Protect 90?

  • In the current low deposit rate environment, investors who traditionally favoured lower risk investments have had limited options to generate returns. Those investors are now searching for performance, without putting all their capital at risk.
  • Amundi Protect 90 seeks to balance the search for returns with downside protection.
  • Amundi Protect 90 may appeal to those looking to benefit from potential market rises through active and flexible management, across a diverse investment universe - but with a floor on potential losses, regardless of market performance.


Why Amundi Protect 90?

Protect 90 is a new fund developed by Amundi, Europe's market leader in structured solutions.²

Protect 90 can benefit from potential rises in financial markets with a unique, built-in 90% capital protection feature.

Protect 90 is designated "Article 8" under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Diversification across assets and sectors

The Amundi Protect 90 fund is a broadly diversified multi-asset fund using a flexible and dynamic approach.

Performance and capital protection

Protect 90 is actively managed and aims to provide investment growth when markets are performing well, while delivering 90% protection if markets fall.³

Daily access and choice

Protect 90 is available for both one-off and regular contributions as well as switches, where available.

Pie chart showing an indicative asset mix of the Amundi P90 fund

Indicative asset class weightings of the Protect 90 fund at 16th August 2022

Weightings are indicative. Please check the most recent factsheet for current allocations.
Source: Irish Life, 16th August 2022. 

Graph illustrating how the protection in Amundi P90 works

A daily protection equal to 90% of the highest NAV recorded since inception

Picture of the cover of the Amundi Protect 90 customer guide

Amundi Protect 90 fund customer guide

  • Actively managed multi-asset fund to combine performance and 90% capital protection
  • Daily access
  • Responsibly invested - classified Article 8 (SFDR)

The Amundi Protect 90 fund guide answers the following questions, providing key detail and conversation starters on:

  • How does the Protect 90 fund work?
  • How is the Protect 90 fund invested?
  • Why invest in Protect 90?
  • Why choose Amundi?

Introducing the Amundi Protect 90 fund

Michael Hayes, Head of Investment Sales and Graham Fox, Amundi's Head of Retail Distribution introduced the new Amundi Protect 90 fund at a  webinar on 13th September.

Protect 90 in 90 seconds

Graham Fox, Amundi's Head of Distribution in Ireland, gives a 90 second rundown of the fund 

Further supports

Amundi Protect 90 resources

Amundi has compiled an online resource with its own detail on the Protect 90 fund and its ESG credentials.

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¹ Source: IPE “Top 500 Asset Managers” published in June 2021 and based on AUM as of end December 2020)
² Amundi, Dec. 2021; 
³ Protection is equal to 90% of the highest net asset value recorded since inception. Formal guarantee is granted by Amundi SA (A+ Fitch Ratings)