Setanta Active Multi-Asset funds

A new range of multi-asset funds, with ESG integration

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Why recommend Setanta Active Multi-Asset funds?

The new range of Setanta Active Multi-Asset (SAMA) funds applies Setanta's renowned active approach of deep research and high conviction to a multi-asset range of funds.

 SAMA funds are designated "Article 8" under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Active value

Setanta employs a clear and consistent investment philosophy. Its approach is research-driven, providing differentiated portfolios. Its value focus and long-term approach differentiates Setanta from its peers.

Broad diversification

The funds in the Setanta Active Multi-Asset range are diversified across a wide range of growth and defensive assets across a range of global sectors, including equities, bonds, property and alternatives.

Value and ESG considerations

SAMA funds are available at Irish Life's standard annual management charge. Setanta integrates ESG factors into its research process and SAMA funds are designated "Article 8" under SFDR.

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These weightings are indicative. Please check the most recent factsheet for current allocations.
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SAMA funds customer guide

The Setanta Multi-Asset fund range comprises three actively managed portfolios that hold a combination of equities, bonds, property, cash and alternatives. Each fund has a different risk and return profile, from SAMA 3 to SAMA 5.

The Setanta Active Multi-Asset funds guide answers the following questions, providing key detail and conversation starters on:

  • What is the SAMA fund range?
  • Why invest in the SAMA funds?
  • Why choose Setanta?

Setanta Active Multi-Asset funds video

Videos are a great way to engage with your clients. This short video covers the key reasons to invest in the Setanta Active Multi-Asset funds to start your client conversations.