ILIM CIO update webinar on Russia-Ukraine

Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes
Tuesday, March 8, 2022

We have recorded a market update webinar on the Russia-Ukraine conflict as it enters its 13th day.

    During the webinar, Sandra Rockett, Director - Wealth and Corporate Distribution and Anthony MacGuinness, Chief Investment Officer, discussed the short, medium and longer term implications of the Russian invasion for clients and investment markets.

    Key points from the update: 

    • Two key market developments – a flight to quality and a flight to scarcity
    • We anticipate the short-term impact will be lower European growth and higher inflation
    • Volatility is likely to persist at elevated levels
    • Our client portfolios have very low exposure to Russia
    • Risk management and defensive strategies are insulating portfolios from the market volatility and weakness

    A transcript of the webinar is available here.

    Sandra Rockett and Anthony MacGuinness