Have you heard about our all-new plan summary reports?

Mattie Rice
Mattie Rice, Head of Sales
Thursday, 18th May 2023
Did you know that the plan summary reports on b-line have been updated? Following on from the updated protection reports, new unit-linked plan summary reports are now available on MyBiz.

What's new in the reports?

The new reports are flexible. They can be tailored to meet your and your clients' needs by selecting the information you want to include. Options available for selection in the unit-linked reports are:

  • Cover letter
  • Plan summary
  • Plan values and charges
  • Fund split
  • Fund performance
  • Funds available for switching
  • Regular withdrawals
  • Payment-out history
  • Payment-in history     

What are the key benefits of using the new reports?

  • They can be co-branded with your logo for a personalised touch
  • They display more information, in a clearer format
  • They're ideal for supporting client reviews or information requests
  • They're a professional document that complements your business

Learn more about the new plan summary