New and improved print summary report

Irish Life Brokerage
Thursday, 12th January 2023

One of the b-line features used most frequently on a day to day basis is the print plan summary.

Whether providing your clients with a snapshot of their plan, or used in preparation for a financial review, the print plan summary is a feature that's important to you. You told us it could be improved to add more value and, in response, we've made a number of upgrades.

What's new and improved?

  • improved layout to make the report clearer
  • more plan information available in the summary
  • may be co-branded with your logo, for a personal touch
  • customise the report and the information included

How can I customise the report?

You can now customise the report depending on your needs or your clients', and include/omit the following:

  • cover letter
  • plan summary
  • cover details
  • payment details
  • payment history
  • glossary of terms

We've put together a short demo video showing you how the new print summary works, in less than a minute, and you can view a sample of a full report here.

What's next?

The new print summary report can be generated for Irish Life protection products. The new and improved features will be available for unit-linked plans soon - the existing print summary is still available for these plans.

If you have any questions about using the new print summary, please get in touch with your account manager or local sales support. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for further improvements, please let us know.