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From 1 August 2013, Irish Life is delighted to be adding six of the most popular Setanta funds on to the Irish Life platform:

  • Setanta Global Equity Fund
  • Setanta Global Focus Fund
  • Setanta Equity Dividend Fund
  • Setanta Managed Fund
  • Setanta Income Opportunities Fund
  • Setanta Balanced Dividend Fund

Monthly fund factsheets for these funds will be available from September.

About Setanta Asset Management

Setanta Asset Management Limited is a separate asset management business within the Great-West Lifeco group of companies. Its focus is on providing its clients in Ireland, Germany, Canada and elsewhere in the EU with active asset management services built on its long term value investing principles.

Setanta‘s investment philosophy is to purchase and own assets at a price below a reasonable assessment of their worth. This is where they focus their resources. Their process is akin to assessing a part ownership of a business rather than trading a security. This assessment of value must always encompass a thorough understanding of where this value is derived. They have a long term investment horizon and risk management is always central.

Setanta Global Equity Fund

The Setanta Global Equity Fund is an actively managed portfolio which holds stock from around the world. The stocks are chosen after a detailed analysis by Setanta. Setanta choose these stocks as they believe they represent good value, have good business prospects over the long term and are conservatively financed.

Setanta Global Focus Fund

The Setanta Global Focus Fund is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio which holds stocks from around the world. Due to the concentrated nature of the fund, performance may be more up and down (also known as volatile) than a fund which invests in a wider range of stocks. The fund tries to invest in the most attractive stocks across all of the various Setanta strategies which display good value, have defendable profits and have a healthy balance sheet. Investments are made for the long term and are based on a strong investment case for each stock.

Setanta Equity Dividend Fund

The Setanta Equity Dividend Fund is an actively managed portfolio of stocks from around the world which display good value, pay high and sustainable dividends and have a strong balance sheet. The fund usually holds stocks which are expected to be held for about three to five years. While the fund does not target specific weightings in any region or sector, the managers aim to diversify across a broad range of regions and sectors.

Setanta Managed Fund

The Setanta Managed Fund is a multi-asset fund investing in stocks, bonds, property, commodities and cash-type investments. The fund will hold between 50% and 80% of its assets in stocks, with the rest made up of bonds, property, commodities (for example oil, gas and so on) and cash-type investments. The aim of the fund is to secure long term growth on the amount invested.

Setanta Income Opportunities Fund

The Setanta Income Opportunities Fund is a multi-asset fund that aims to deliver returns from income and capital, with the aim of doing better than inflation. The main asset class in the fund is expected to be stocks which display good value, generate a high and sustainable dividend yield and have a strong balance sheet. The fund can invest in income-bearing asset classes such as bonds, property, cash and financial instruments, in particular covered options. Covered options are a derivative strategy employed by Setanta to raise extra income for the fund.

Setanta Balanced Dividend Fund

The Setanta Balanced Dividend Fund is an actively managed balanced fund which invests approximately two thirds in stocks and one third in fixed-interest securities. The stocks part of the fund is an actively managed portfolio of global high-yield stocks as held in the Setanta Equity Dividend Fund. The fixed interest part of the fund invests mainly in European government bonds.

Information correct as at 1 August 2013.

Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Warning: These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.