Why corporate investments make sense

Against a backdrop of negative deposit rates, rising inflation and the prospect of continued low interest rates for the foreseeable future, the real returns companies can get from holding cash may be negative.

In such situations companies could consider investing surplus funds in a way that may generate a better return than that achievable on bank deposits.

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Higher long-term returns


Why now is the time to invest in corporate funds

As major lenders impose negative deposit rates, holding cash has become an inefficient use of companies surplus capital. With interest rate expectations set to remain low for some time, the real returns companies can get from their cash savings can be negative.

One step companies could take to boost their returns on capital and reach their financial goals is diversify their savings through investment solutions.

Why choose Irish Life for corporate investments?

Useful documents and flyers for you and your clients

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All you need to know about our Signature product including product information, commission options and fund choice


Why corporate investments make sense client flyer

An overview, for your clients, of why now is the time to invest corporate funds.

This short video outlines the tax and practical advantages for your clients of investing their corporate cash in a life assurance plan.

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In these documents you will find all you need to know about the tax treatment of corporate investments.

Completing the paperwork

To help make completing the paperwork as easy as possible, we have put together the following documents